pht01Techno Roll of Japan has developed and patented “Trust” special resin compound that revolutionized UV printing industry. Trust roller is a special resin roller for UV (ultra-violet), hybrid, as well as conventional printing. It enjoy good reputation among top printers for achieving the highest quality in UV printing, whether offset, dry-offset, label printing, or varnish coating.

Trust roller does not allow ink permeation into its compound, consequently, it demonstrates excellent dimensional and hardness stability, chemical resistance, and shorter wash-up time in addition to realization of high quality printing. Trust roller is adapted as standard OEM rollers for major printing machine manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Komori, Manroland, Ryobi, Mitsubishi, Iwasaki Tekko, Sanki Kikai, Sanjo Kikai, Taiyo Kikai, etc.

Using Trust roller can increase your profit through following cost reduction and print quality advantages:

  1. Reduce ink consumption – Excellent fluidity of UV ink reduce adverse effects of excess tackiness, slower drying time, ink film strength deterioration associated with synthetic rubber rollers.
  2. Reduce cleaning time and consumption of cleaning solvent – Due to its anti-solvent property.
  3. Longer operating lifetime – Less frequent change of rollers.
  4. Reduce spoilage – Excellent dimensional and hardness stability under high speed printing.
  5. Less ink glazing – Glazed roller cannot take ink and cause slippage on roller surface.
  6. Low heat generation – better rubber elasticity reduce heat generation at high speed printing.
  7. Good quality print – UV ink monomer does not penetrate into rubber of Trust compound, therefore, it keeps good fluidity of ink and assure good dot reproduction and keep good coloration.

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